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Hi there everyone, EmeraldDarkKnight here! I'm just here to say thanks to all those people who have talked to me over the years, but I also want to say that I'm willing to take on some requests from people.

The theme of these requests must deal with "Behind Closed Doors..." By this, I mean that the story deals with a secret hobby or something that the character you requested (preferably female) tends to indulge in, without their friends even knowing (at least at the beginning)!

For example, maybe Anzu Mazaki (better known as Téa Gardner to those who watched the dubbed version) is secretly a very kinky person, with a real taste for both latex and self-bondage. In a moment of rare quiet (when exactly this happens is up to you), she decides to go ahead and tie herself up for a bit, while wearing one of her favourite outfits. Of course, things may not go exactly as she'd planned...

While I'm willing to write about any character and idea people have, I'll need a simple outline of what they want, via PM or as a response! Hope to see some good ones...
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Pádraig O' Keeffe

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Just to let you know, was trying to send a a note but I don't know if it's come through. 
Not yet, but will reply when it does arrive!
You still have writers block?
More like a mixture of idea overload and a lot of things to do IRL... But will hopefully get my list of things done sometime!
Thank you for helping our site!
Not a problem man! Glad I could help. Just wondering though, would you be able to do a commission... And would you accept the payment in points, or would cash be better?
Fair enough... Thanks again!
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